N.C.C. was raised in Mendipathar College in the year 1985. The first Associate N.C.C. Officer of this college was Prof. K.R. Marak, Professor in the department of History. He was of 2nd Lt. Rank . During his tenure many cadets got ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificates. He remained A.N.O. till 1996 and in the same year a new A.N.O. was appointed . He was Dr. B.K. Thakur, HOD ( English). Dr. Thakur started his career in N.C.C. as a 2nd Lt. and went upto the Rank of Capt. During his period around thirty cadets were awarded the prestigious ‘C’ certificate and more than 100( one hundred ) cadets got ‘B’ certificate. Capt. (Dr.) B.K. Thakur attained his superannuation  in January’2017.

During this span of more than twenty years the Mendipathar college N.C.C. Unit performed excellently. Cadet Hitesh Medhi, of this college got selected by Indian Military Academy . Next, the Mendipathar College N.C.C. became State Champion in Volleyball in the year 2001. Capt. (Dr.) Thakur himself was awarded certificate for his participation in Parasailing in 2001. Again in NER Trek ‘TENGA’ Arunachal Pradesh (1997) and ATMAMNM    NER Chera Trek (1999) Mendipathar College N.C.C. cadets took the lead. Similarly in National Integration Camps in Delhi (2003) , Pataudi  in  Haryana ( 2007) and Karimganj in Assam (2010) excelled other states’ participants in many fields.

Now the N.C.C. Unit of Mendipathar College I under the able guidance of young and energetic C.T.O. Prof. Jyotish Rabha, Prof. Dept. of Pol. Science.