Examination Cell

Examination Cell/Committee:

Officer-In-charge                    ―      Smt. A. G. Momin, Principal

Asst. Officer-In-charge       ―      Dr. B. K. Thakur, Vice-Principal

Coordinator                                ―      Shri T. C. M. Sangma, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Asst. Coordinator                 ―      Shri A. A. Ch. Marak, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Confidential In-charge        ―      Dr. S. K. Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Department of English.


  1. Smt. L. D. Shira, HoD, Dept. of History
  2. Shri R. G. Momin, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Garo