“With the advancement of Science & Technology, the College felt the urgent need of access to latest mechanism. Hence the college has launched the website that will enable the people locating relevant information and also accessing various information relating to admission, subject-  combination, infrastructural facilities, young and energetic faculties and support staff.

Thus, with the help of this website an aspirant can seek quick, authentic and latest information to pursue the regular teaching – learning process under Semester system.”

– Principal

“I take a solemn on to direct all my best towards the betterment of the institution I am serving in and hence I live a quality of life in Mendipathar College because the quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence.”

– Vice Principal



Bhaskar Jyoti Borah

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Mendipathar College



My dear students, choose your thoughts very wisely because you are the outcome of your thoughts. The external conditions of your life is created by your own internal thoughts. So what you are experiencing outside is generated by your feelings and emotions inside your heart, mind and soul. Therefore be wise and choose your thoughts wisely to create conditions of your life in your favour because it is thoughts that is transformed into action which ultimately decides your destiny.

Question will definitely arise in your mind as to how to choose your thoughts wisely? How to take control of your self by controlling your thoughts? The answer is to study good books, wisdom literatures, great books of the world. Books are good company to us like a good friend. Keep some good wisdom literatures with you and turn the pages frequently. Take the lessons and practice in your daily life. You will see positive changes in your life.

Some of the books that you can study:

  1. The Complete Works of James Allen (PDF format is available in the internet)
  2. You can Win of Shiv Khera (Available in our College Library)
  3. Seven habits of highly effective people of S. Covey
  4. The story of my experiments with truth of M.K.Gandhi
  5. Dreams from my father by Barak Obama etc.